Master Li Junfeng will be offering a Sheng Zhen Meditation (qigong) workshop in the Baltimore, MD area the weekend of November 14 & 15, 2020. More information will be posted as it is developed. Mark your calendars. If you haven’t met or studied with Master Li, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Master Li is the driving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen movements and meditations to the world. Sheng Zhen can be translated into English as “Open Heart” or “Unconditional Love.” It is a state of being that can only be understood when the busy mind comes to rest peacefully in the space of an open and loving heart. Master Li’s life is a testament to the value of this practice. He travels internationally to share Sheng Zhen, train teachers, and to practice or simply spend time with his students. In doing so, he shares his passion, wisdom, humor and love, so that others can also experience the profound joy that permeates his entire being. To learn more about Sheng Zhen and Master Li go