Just Breathe

We begin by breathing 

Begin this life, begin each moment

A breath in follows a breath out follows a breath in

On endless repeat

We can follow the flow of this breath, sensing it

In the sound of the waves,

In the feeling of air flowing through our throat or our nose

In the rising and falling of our chest and our belly.

We can follow our breath into our belly and settle into the vast expansive space at our core. 

This is your Dan Tien, your body’s energy center.

This is a home base; a place to begin from and to return to again and again.

And within this vastness, 

at its center, 

we can find a channel that travels upward in front of the spine.

In stillness you can begin to feel your energy flowing within this central channel.

Each breath in carries the energy upward to your crown and into the universe beyond

Each breath out brings a flow back to your center.

We can find our way to resting here.

Resting in the breath.

Resting in the spaciousness of the Dan Tien.

Resting inside the flow of energy within the central channel.

Nothing to do, nothing to create.  It simply is who we already are.

We can find our way to resting inside the way that things are.

When we find ourselves distracted,

We can simply return to the breath;

Another is always arriving for us to follow.

Our breath will lead us back,


Back to the Dan Tien.

Back to the Central Channel.

Back to Flowing.

Back to the understanding that we ourselves are a flow.

We are a flow of energy, a flow of being.

We are a flow of breath.

A flow in follows a flow out follows a flow in.

This is where we begin, it is where we will end

And it is here to help us find our way on the journey between.