The presence of qi keeps the heart open, and the mind alert and clear. The more qi, the easier it is for the heart to experience its innate openness. As the experience of openness grows, qi is able to flow more efficiently, benefiting one’s health by filtering out negative emotions. In turn, this deepens the experience of an open heart. When the mind is still and focused, it merges with the heart. Then the mind is able to shine through clearly.

When the flow of qi between human beings is obstructed because of greed, mistrust, excessive competition and fear, this leads to a weakened society, prone to social conflict, economic instability and general discontent. When the qi does not flow freely between man and his environment, because of misuse and abuse, not only is man’s health affected, but even the Earth’s immune system is weakened. This results in severe climate conditions and natural disasters.

In seeking to satisfy their countless needs, human beings have brought about the present conditions. With toxic substances increasing in the environment, and with man’s inability to see his true worth and true nature, these insatiable desires suffocate the world with strife and conflict everywhere. As a result, man experiences instability, his life and his spirit becoming incompatible with nature.

How can human beings be spared from the destructive effects of their own actions? If people are able to uplift their lives, showing love, concern and support for one another, with open hearts and open minds, keeping a brotherly bond with the hills, the rivers, and the whole of creation, then the cravings and insatiable desires in their hearts would disappear.

The unchanging nature of unconditional love is a presence. When we live in love, when we act from love, we eventually experience that we are that love. Pettiness dissolves into expansion. Feelings of injustice melt into compassion. Anxiety is transformed into peace. There is unflinching courage and unquestionable confidence. There is only unconditional love.

This is the calling to human beings: to reclaim the birthright to live in the presence of unconditional love, to merge with it, to understand that you are not different from it and that all other aspirations, wishes, personal or community causes, dissolve in the light of this one true desire. It is this desire, and only this desire, that gives direction, sense and meaning to life in this ocean of existence. It is this desire that fuels human life to return to its origin. Bask in the light of the presence. Become that love.