The universe loves you just the way you are. Through this unconditional love, you can experience your own divinity. You, in turn, should love others just the way they are, with all their seeming foibles and imperfections. It is not for us to remove differences and make everyone fit into one mold. Diversity in the universe is natural and meant to be.

This is the mystery of creation. Although there is variation, there is also oneness. If there is friction, if there is difficulty, resist from thinking that something must be “fixed.” The moment we think of fixing something, we get in the way of the flow. Instead, go within. Practice seeing sacredness in everything and everyone. Then you will discover that all things are moving in step with the rhythm of the universe. In the seeming noise and tension that arise from the discordant notes of honking horns, barking dogs, or harsh words, is OM. This is the music of the universe, and within the differences of opinions is a symphony. Before you react, listen, and you will hear the glorious song of unconditional love. All it takes is practice.