Luann Barndt

A lifelong learner, Luann Barndt began exploring internal arts in 2011. After training to become a Reiki Master Teacher, Luann briefly practiced Tai Chi, and was introduced to Qigong by Paul Rischard. In 2014, Luann attended a Nei Gong & Dao Yin Weekend led by Damo Mitchell. This transformational experience led Luann to join Lotus Nei Gong International as a student where she earned her certificate as a Qi Gong – Level 1 Instructor in 2017. Luann continues to study with Damo Mitchell, Roni Edlund, Jason Smith, and the Lotus Nei Gong practice community throughout the year. Pursuing continued personal development through studying Daoist arts while practicing Nei Gong, Qi Gong, and Taijiquan, Luann offers classes to share her learning with students to enhance personal internal arts practices. A certified Leadership Embodiment and Master Somatic Coach (, Luann’s passion is helping fellow internal arts practitioners explore practices to embody life more fully!

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