Ann Duvall

Ann has been exploring traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong since 2003 after feeling the “qi” from energy meridian work through acupuncture treatments. Ann is a professional member of the National Qigong Association and has studied with numerous masters and teachers including Master Li Jun Feng, Daisy Lee, Francesco Garripoli, Ken Cohen, and Peaceable Dragon’s founder Paul Rischard.

Ann’s work in the community includes serving as a Mind-Body-Medicine facilitator in the Mind-Body Medicine Program at Georgetown University Medical Center; teaching Qigong at an assisted living center to elderly and memory care residents, the staff and caregivers; and she facilitates Qigong and mindfulness in schools.

After decades of study and meaningful experiences in the healing arts, Ann enjoys sharing the Qi through designing wellness programs that support personalized health through Qigong, meditation, self-care and other mindful practices. In private practice Ann sees individual clients combining counseling, qigong, and spiritual wellness.

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