Susan Lucas

Susan’s passion is reacquainting people with their nature as whole beings and helping them make contact with and work in the infinite field of energy in which we exist.  She uses her internal arts practices as a path to living in right relationship with her self on physical, emotional and spritual levels.  Susan draws from her knowledge of the physical body as a physician and the energy body from her studies of Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and Reiki.  Using these tools, Susan helps people find compassion, clarity, discernment and transformative energy for healing journeys toward optimal expression of their vitality.

Susan’s journey as a Tai Chi player began in 2011.  She has studied with Bill Pickett, Ralph Dehner and several other master trainers in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health organization.  Susan has also been cultivating a nourishing daily Qigong practice since 2013 and remains an avid student.  She has had the good fortune of studying with Pauline Reid, George Picard, Paul Rischard, Storme Lynn, Master Li Jun Feng, Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee.  She is certified to teach several Tai Chi and Qigong forms and continues to add to her toolbox.  Susan is also a Reiki master and teacher in the Usui and Holy Fire traditions.

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