Harriet Tuxhorn

Harriet began her study of qigong in the late 1990’s through the county recreation center.  Her principal focus has been Sheng Zhen Qigong, taking numerous workshops and Teacher Training seminars with Master Li Jun Feng, the founder of Sheng Zhen Qigong.  Harriet’s studies with Master Li have taken her to Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Nova Scotia, Croatia, Austria, where she has enjoyed meeting fellow practitioners and exploring different cultures.  Harriet has studied extensively with Roger Jahnke, Kenneth Cohen, Francesco Garripoli, Daisy Lee, and several Fairfax VA area teachers.  Harriet began teaching qigong in 2004, and has since taught in community centers, INOVA’s Life with Cancer program, and privately to interested clients.  Instructing at the county recreation center, Harriet created a Level I and Level II qigong curriculum, teaching beginning students as well as experienced students.

Harriet is certified to teach all ten Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong forms and three SZ Healing Qigong forms; certified to teach Organ Cleansing & Detox Qigong (Garripoli & Lee); certified at Level III by the Integral Institute of Qigong and Tai Chi (Jahnke).  Harriet is authorized to teach Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong.  She is a Professional Member of the National Qigong Association, and has received Level 1 Instructors Certification from the NQA.  She studies yoga, Pilates, and other internal healing arts.  Harriet is also a Reiki Master in the Jin Kei Do tradition and, from 2006 – 2015, volunteered regularly at the Life with Cancer Family Center located in Fairfax VA.  Harriet is certified as an Ageless Grace Educator (Denise Medved).

Harriet currently offers private qigong instruction, classes and workshops to interested clients in her new location in Oklahoma and is available to teach workshop or classes throughout the U.S.  Please contact her via e-mail:  flowing.movement@hotmail.com

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