Dawn Weisbord

Dawn began practicing and studying yoga in her early twenties. This practice piqued her interest in transformation through mindful breath and movement. She began formal study of acupuncture and qi gong in 1997 at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute. There, Chan Zhang was Dawn’s first qi gong teacher. She now studies extensively with Master Li Jun Feng. Master Li has certified Dawn to teach Sheng Zhen Qi Gong. She’s studied with various other wonderful teachers including Kimberly Rigsbee, Ken Cohen, Francesco Garripoli, Master Wu Zhongxian, Daisy Li, and Li Jing. She’s a lifetime member of the National Qi Gong Association and of Peaceable Dragon. Dawn teaches acupuncture and qi gong at the WON Institute of Graduate Studies in Glenside, PA. She holds the credentials of M.Ac., Dilp.Ac., and is a certified qi gong instructor. Finding the practice of qi gong to be transformational and evolutionary in her own life, Dawn loves to share her joy of practice through teaching. Anyone can learn and practice the simple and profound movements of qi gong. Dawn’s classes are relaxing and energizing. With mindful movement and breath students learn to cultivate and move qi energy and can create healing, health, well-being and transformation.

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